Health Monitoring & Prediction(HMP)

Complete Health Monitoring and Prediction System

Full trace analysis of historical and real-time data

Fault detection sends early warning alarm before incident

Remaining Useful Life(RUL) enables Predictive Maintenance

No more unscheduled downtime due to component failure

Fault Detection

HMP monitors your equipment or manufacturing assets, such as motors or pumps in real-time providing early warning of potential failures

Fault Classification

In conjunction with user-provided knowledge based on domain, the solution examines the data to look for and identify patterns that are indicative of specific failure classification

RUL Prediction

Using historical data, the solution intelligently predicts Remaining Useful Life (RUL) of an asset enabling maintenance, repair, or replacement before it fails

HMP provides a dashboard summarizing all alarms and RUL information to provide plan-wide health status of all equipment

Use Cases

Use Case 01
Scheduled Maintenance Becomes Smarter


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