BISTel’s Equipment Engineering System (EES) solution suite includes
a wide range of real-time monitoring and control applications to provide

Transformation of large data into actionable manufacturing intelligence
Connectivity between equipment, process and engineers to drive productivity higher
Assurance of high yields by guarding against yield impacting events

EES Application Modules
World-class Equipment Engineering System (EES) solutions sharing a powerful technology platform


1. Real-time Monitoring Solutions


eFDC monitors equipment data and identify faults in real-time to maximize production and reduce scrap
  • Centralized data collection plan capable of collecting data from different sources
  • Data quality index available to help reduce false alarms
  • Supports both single variable and multivariatre analysis
  • Graphical equipment Fingerprinting for performance comparison of equipment
  • Interdiction manager for the intire EES platform
  • Real-time SMS/email notification of detected issues
  • Advanced data archiving and summary reporting


eSPC provides a powerful tool in detecting process anomalies to help improve product yield
  • 60+ SPC rules available, including SEMI Standard SPC rules
  • Auto creation and tuning of model
    – i.e.: models can automatically adapt to drifting parameters
  • SPC model simulation against the history data
  • OCAP capabilities include Alarm, LOT Hold, EQP Hold, etc.
  • Intuitive charting to simplify analysis
2. Optimization and Control Solutions


eR2R calculates and adjusts recipe values to ensure stable process control and high yield
  • Graphical workflow designer for R2R modeling
  • Rich library of workflow function enabling advanced modeling creation
  • Models can be uploaded to system while in operation
  • Models can be easily shared to allow quick deployment fab-wide


eMPA improves factory productivity and OEE to maximize ROI
  • Intelligently tracks equipment performance to identify time loss during production
  • Analysis and interdiction for substrate trace time
  • Effective in all production models regardless of tool types
  • Compliant with all SEMI standards, including E10-RAM, E58-ARAMS, E79-OEE, and E116-EPTI

3. Maintenance and Management Solutions


eRMS effectively manages process recipes and minimizes operation errors
  • Validation of active recipes including parameter set values, equipment constants, recipe sequence, etc
  • Fab-wide recipe management allowing centralized control and fab-centric integration
  • Parameter-based recipe control
  • Compliant to SIMI E42 standard


ePPM reduces downtime and costs with effective preventative management
  • Parts inventory and utilization management
  • Seamless integration with MES and ERP systems allowing automatic job creation and PM scheduling
  • Condition-based maintenance work order can be generated by FDC alarms
  • Extensive reporting capabilities on equipment maintenance and operation history