Fast and Accurate Root Cause Analysis

Integration of various data sources into a central database

Automatically detect and classify wafer map patterns

Effortless mining of large datasets

Thorough root cause analysis utilizing full sensor trace

Best-In-Class Root Cause Analysis

Map Analyzer | MA
  • Automatically groups wafers with similar yield patterns
  • Pattern ranking by significance
    – based on yield impact, pattern size, etc
  • No predefined pattern library required

IntelliMine | IM
  • Utilize Lot or Wafer level data to analyze any quality issues
    (e.g. Yield, Etest, Metrology, Defect)
  • Automatically pick the best methodology for analysis
  • Narrow down probable causes to improve engineer’s efficiency

Trace Analyzer | TA
  • Capable of detecting subtle anomalies on sensor trace, such as drifts, shifts, spikes
  • Help to identify un-monitored critical parameters
  • Enhance lot/wafer disposition decision making

Use Cases

Use Case 01
Edge Patch Open/Short Failure Use Case

Use Case 02
The Analysis


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