Start the Journey
to Industry 4.0

For manufacturers to remain competitive embarking on the smart manufacturing journey is a crucial first step.  BISTel’s domain expertise is manufacturing plain and simple. Industry 4.0 will see the digitalization of the manufacturing operation leveraging all data points across an often-fragmented organization.  To really leverage this data, companies need to understand how to first collect it and then how to deploy new leading-edge automation technologies and applications to transform these vast quantities of data into actionable intelligence that optimizes your production processes, resulting in improvements in yield, product quality, engineering productivity and ultimately an improved bottom line.

The Smart manufacturing journey starts here with

AI based applications that keep plants and equipment operating at their optimum level. BISTel solutions enable manufacturers to quickly collect and utilize all of the data throughout the plant with state of the art, AI based smart applications that fall into three core areas.

Intelligence for
Smarter Manufacturing

At BISTel, we have made improving manufacturing effectiveness our domain expertise. We transform factory data into actionable intelligence that mitigates risk in manufacturing by guarding against events that harm yield, impact engineering productivity and quality.

Today, BISTel has grown to become a leading provider of equipment engineering and automation solutions. We have helped our customers achieve excellence in manufacturing by providing their engineers with the tools they need to maximize engineering productivity, improve quality and reduce costs. BISTel's equipment engineering system (EES) is the semiconductor manufacturing industry's premier EES solution featuring a broad range of applications that gather data from any source, quickly detect and classify faults, and guard against issues that impact yield. Our winning advanced analytics solution, eDatalyzer'", is helping engineers to quickly perform root cause analysis, identifying the issues that impact yield in hours versus the weeks that it takes others.


Market Leading, Award Winning
Real Time Fault

Market leading, real-time fault detection helps manufacturers monitor the performance of their equipment and process around the clock to ensure optimal performance and guard against equipment failures, glitches and other variations in performance.

As a result,
BISTel’s detection solutions lowers risk, offering manufacturers the only real-time monitoring and detection of full sensor trace data on the market.  This means customers can quickly detect yield impacting events by monitoring 100 percent of the data, 100 percent of the time.


Industry Leading ANALYTICS Keep
Everything Under Control

No plant is immune to events that impact performance. How well and how quickly you address these problems has a huge impact on manufacturing effectiveness. Often engineers take days and weeks to find the root cause of issues that negatively impact yield and productivity. Today’s digital manufacturing organization involves many users with diverse responsibilities all utilizing different, and specialized data analysis tools and databases. This creates an immensely scattered environment making data acquisition, management, and analysis a challenge for engineers and a costly proposition for their organizations. BISTel analytics addresses these issues with easy integration of all data types making BISTel the most comprehensive root cause analysis solution available for manufacturing.

BISTel’s advanced analytics platform lets engineers quickly analyze and identify the issues that impact yield. BISTel data analytics offer manufacturers a broad range of data analysis tools all configured to support a variety of customer needs. Engineers can access data from any source, using any tools without ever worrying about compatibility, including databases or files (structured or unstructured). BISTel industry leading analytics keep plants operating at their optimal performance by quickly pinpointing yield and other performance issues in hours and minutes versus the days and weeks it takes others.


Downtime a Thing of the Past

Ensuring a seamless, fault-free production environment is the highest priority for industrial manufactures everywhere. BISTel’s new AI based prediction solutions provide real time monitoring, and fault detection of key equipment and components that predict failures before that happen. BISTel PREDICT solutions lets producers moved to a condition-based servicing program. With BISTel predict, equipment servicing is done when needed not when scheduled. This requires continuous, and automated analysis of relevant data to enable you to detect potential damage, plan maintenance, and eliminate faults before they happen. This reduces downtime and optimizes plant maintenance activities.

The Road to Industry 4.0

The road to industry 4.0 will not be achieved overnight

It’s a journey that begins by enabling smarter machines by embedding human knowledge and integrating intelligence into equipment and processes. From there we integrate Intelligence into engineering systems then across the entire enterprise.

It is a three-year vision that begins for BISTel with the release of new adaptive intelligent applications that help engineers to better manage, and analyze data, monitor the health of their machines and equipment real-time, optimize process flows, and identify root cause quicker than ever before.

BISTel offers a comprehensive range of detection, data analysis and predictive analytics solutions that connect and optimize all factory data to ensure that plant operate at the their most efficient and that yield, and engineering productivity is the best it can be.

BISTel provide customers with the winning formula for their journey to smart manufacturing and industry 4.0.