Intelligent manufacturing

transforms steel plant operations to improve quality, reduces costs

Steel makers are now beginning to realize the wealth of data they own in their own manufacturing ecosystem. Learning to understand this data, collect, manage and analyze it to improve profitability is key to success and improved performance. Today, BISTel is actively engaged with steel makers, enabling smarter steel manufacturing worldwide by helping steel producers make a seamless transition to intelligent manufacturing technologies like Big Data, and IIoT. This will help streamline steel production operations.

Then, by leveraging BISTel’s advanced, real-time monitoring, data management tools, and predictive analytics applications, steel makers achieve substantial operational efficiencies, reduce manufacturing costs and stay competitive in a one of the world’s most hotly contested marketplaces

Full Traceability

throughout the steel manufacturing process increases profitability

BISTel solutions for steel manufacturing provide complete full traceability throughout the steel manufacturing process. Throughout furnace, stamping, hot rolling or cold rolling processes, BISTel’s big data analytics tools enabled major steel makers to improve the quality of their processes significantly. In one instance,

BISTel advanced analytics quickly analyzed a customer’s cold rolling process, quickly pinpointing the cause of ongoing surface defects, and coil size shrinkage issues. BISTel was able to help this steel producer achieve process and quality improvements in the cold rolling process of more than 8 percent. In addition to realizing major cost reductions from reduced reworks and scraps.

More importantly, BISTel helped this customer achieve major workflow efficiencies by making full use of micro sensor data in the CR process, coupled with quick and accurate analytics.

The steel industry recognizes the value of industry 4.0 and the impact that a fully connected factory that leverages all data to improve quality and productivity will have on the bottom line.