Digital manufacturing tools to better
detect, analyze, and predict issues
before they happen

Two decades helping semiconductor manufacturing engineers excel with leading data collection,
data management, and advanced, predictive analytics that drive quality, yield and productivity higher

From front end wafer manufacturing facilities to back-end test, packaging and assembly operations, semiconductor and electronics industry engineers and plant operators turns to BISTel for intelligent engineering and automation solutions that improve quality and reduce risk in semiconductor manufacturing, thereby accelerating their path Industry 4.0.

Real-time, monitoring
of equipment and processes

drives semiconductor yield
and productivity higher than ever

BISTel’s marketing leading Equipment Engineering System solutions and its award winning A.I. based smart manufacturing applications include data management, real-time monitoring, and control as well as advanced, predictive analytics solutions that help the semiconductor industry improve wafer quality, increase engineering productivity and yield.

Industry leading
equipment engineering systems

improve quality, reduce costs
for semiconductor wafer manufacturers

BISTel’s A.I. solutions are helping to drive Industry 4.0, shaping the factory of the future through the proliferation of IIoT, and by leveraging cloud computing, and big data storage architectures. By combing these building blocks with BISTel’ s industry leading fault detection, data analysis tools, and AI based applications customers can connect their manufacturing ecosystem to better detect, analyze, and predict real-time to changing manufacturing conditions.

smart manufacturing applications

detect, analyze and predict issues
before they occur improving wafer quality
and increasing engineering productivity