Continuous Yield Optimization
Drives FPD Manufacturing Performance

BISTel helps flat panel display manufacturers maximize their competitiveness and profitability

With capital investments high and profit margins constantly under pressure, FPD manufacturers turn to BISTel’s adaptive intelligence solutions to keep productivity high. BISTel allows FPDs makers to take advantage of all the data available throughout the manufacturing operation. BISTel’s adaptive intelligent solutions detect faults before they happen, and quickly analyze manufacturing data to discover issues before they become a problem. BISTel provides solutions to control production processes, helping engineers to make the most informed decisions possible.

On Demand Production Analysis

Improves operational efficiency

BISTel’s new suit of AI based applications embedded human knowledge and incorporate machine learning algorithms that offer FPD makers the ability to autonomously improve manufacturing effectiveness. This will increase FPD production efficiency from machine to machine and across the factory floor.

BISTel solutions help the FPD makers integrate large amounts of data, from both the factory floor and from externa systems to create real time insights that can be acted on immediately to improve production efficiencies. Increased machine automation will produce quality products faster and more efficiently, while providing critical information to help managers make more informed business decisions.

The FPD industry has embraced the smart factory and BISTel solutions are helping leafing panel manufacturers make the journey.