Adaptive Intelligence enables
sustainable energy more efficiently

BISTel’s adaptive intelligence manufacturing solutions lets energy manufacturers drive
sustainable energy more efficiently

BISTel’s latest A.I. based manufacturing applications increase manufacturing effectiveness by deploying real-time data monitoring, and advanced analytics that detect problems in production. Market leading data analytics evaluate machine performance and quickly find the root cause of the problem then prescribe solutions to prevent these issues from occurring leading to fewer failures and a longer life.

Data is Power

BISTel is helping the solar manufacturing industry embrace new Industry 4.0 smart manufacturing technologies by accessing and leveraging a wealth of manufacturing data to increase energy efficiency, reduce costs and increase profitability.

Detect, Analyze, Predict

With more than 8 billion connected devices, IIoT is enabling energy companies to tap into a wealth of factory data to improve energy efficiency.  BISTel’s leverages big data collection, real-time monitoring and predictive analytics to provide the energy industry with an effective way to track energy usage and identify solutions to improve energy efficiency and reduce costs.