Real-time health monitoring and
predictive maintenance solutions
reduce risk for auto makers

improving engineering productivity while cutting maintenance costs.

Automotive manufacturers turn to BISTel’s real-time, adaptive intelligence manufacturing solutions to improve production efficiencies. Over the past ten years, the auto industry has been embracing increased automation on the shop floor adopting data management and analytics solutions as a means to improving plant operations and overall manufacturing productivity.

IIoT and AI is accelerating this trend. For instance, BISTel’s innovative Health Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance (HMP) solution, help auto manufacturers identify problems in production and sound the alarm before they happen. Innovative predictive maintenance applications can even predict when high value components will stop operating. These same solutions can predict the remaining using life of equipment helping auto customers reduce downtime, improve equipment utilization and reduce costs.

The Digitalization of the Automotive Industry

One area of noticeable improvement is predictive maintenance. The auto industry is understanding the importance of predictive maintenance solutions to improve operating efficiency and immediately improve profitability.

BISTel helps automotive manufactures with real time monitoring, detection and prediction solutions that monitors sensors data to evaluate condition of plant equipment and components.

By analyzing the data real-time, BISTel, enables organizations to service equipment when they actually need it instead of at scheduled service times, minimizing downtime.

BISTel new HMP even monitors machines to evaluate machine performance and condition. As a result, customers can order replacement parts and schedule service before problems occur. BISTel’s new HMP solution uses AI based algorithms to determine future equipment failures. According to industry analysts, this could reduce annual equipment maintenance costs by as much as 25 percent.