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One Trillion
Connected Devices
by 2030

Leading the Digital Transformation
20,000,000,000 IoT connected devices
by 2025!

In semiconductor, automotive, steel, biotech, flat panels, and energy manufacturing environments, the proliferation of IIoT and the advent of AI is driving the rapid digitalization of our factories untapping a wealth of data that has the power and the potential to transform plant operations, taking engineering productivity, quality and yields to new heights.  Accessing this intelligence and thereafter leveraging this data to make plant operations more efficient is no easy task.

Turning Data to

Some industries, like semiconductors, are familiar with managing this new plethora of data. After all, data collected, analyzed and managed in the right way serves as the basis for winning predictive models that ultimately solves one of the biggest headaches facing manufacturers – downtime.

At BISTel our legacy Engineering Equipment System solutions have been the semiconductor and electronics’ industry’s winning solution for more than a decade. Our new suite of AI based applications for smart manufacturing let auto, steel and other industries bridge the gap between legacy industrial applications and new AI based digital applications to dramatically improve yields, factory productivity and overall operational efficiency.

Our real-time, fault detection solutions target fault before they occur. We execute the most comprehensive data analysis getting to root cause quicker than anyone. Our predictive analytics solutions provide reliable models for improved plant operations, including real-time monitoring of equipment and processes to ensure optimal maintenance schedules and equipment utilization.

BISTel, together with its key global partners, will continue to be a leading voice on Industry 4.0, deploying new adaptive intelligence technologies leverage this new wealth of data to better detect, analyze and predict better than ever, enabling organizations and industries to make the journey to smart manufacturing.