The Factory of the Future

Manufacturing Challenges
into Opportunities

The proliferation of IIoT coupled with the widespread adoption of big data, cloud and edge technologies is fueling the rapid digitalization and transformation of manufacturing plants everywhere.  By 2030 the number of connected devices will grow from six billion to more than one trillion.  Leveraging this new-found wealth of data through the adoption of AI based technologies to drive factory automation and productivity to even higher levels than ever will be key to the long-term success of manufacturers everywhere.

Engineering Productivity,
Quality, and Efficiency

As BISTel ushers in Industry 4.0 for smarter manufacturing, it is redefining AI as Adaptive intelligence for smart manufacturing. For BISTel that means accelerating engineering productivity, improving quality, and reducing production costs by enabling real-time monitoring, detection, and analysis of every piece of data in the plant, to enable engineers and operators to predict outcomes and adapt real-time to changing conditions. Welcome to the factory of the future.

Welcome to the factory of the future

What's new at BISTel

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